Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Super Doriath on ColecoVision, Mockup v2. (VI)

I am proud to present an updated graphical version of the game, this time based on: Graphic Mode II. It is still a mock-up and I started to figure out how the tiles will be placed in memory.

Graphic Mode II allows 2 colors per line within a character. While Graphic Mode I (previous version) was based on 2 colors per character.

SuperDoriath, mockup v2.

The inconvenient of using this graphic mode is in term of resources. It take more memory in the cartridge, in the video RAM and also more CPU to create tile-animation (especially because for a given tile to appear anywhere on screen, it need to be copy at 3 different location).

But... it does look way better!

I also expect more sprites-flickering, but I think the additional color for the player worth it.

You may also notice the name become... "Super Doriath". I don't want to just port the game to Coleco Vision, but I want to make it a better game... stay tunes!

And as always, thanks for reading!